Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hi there! Here we are with the happiest Senior in the Sims 2, meet Felicity Merry. I am certain that before she passes on to the Sims Great Beyond, she will top out her aspiration meter! And yes, I do have a strategy in mind. Erm.

"Felicity" is French for 'Great Happiness'. Felicity's son is Ewan. Ewan is Irish for 'Young Warrior'. And Felicity's daughter in law is Diana, Latin for 'divine.' Hmmm. with names like that, how can Felicity fail to max her aspiration meter before she dies? Oh by the way, Felicity is a Knowledge Virgo, LTW Max All Skills, Ewan is a Pleasure Pieces, LTW have 50 First Dates (don't think so) and Diana is a Knowledge Cancer, LTW Become City Planner. My seven year old granddaughter helped me design Diana and Ewan by choosing numbers for their zodiac and aspiration. She especially enjoyed dressing Diana and choosing her hair and makeup. :) That is what is making this challenge extra special to me.

The happy family moves into 35 Bard Boulevard, just a couple of houses down from the Summerdreams in Veronaville. Naturally, my strategy is going to be Diana and Ewan slaving to fulfill every wish that Felicity has, thus, filling up her aspiration meter hopefully before she dies. Number one, incomes must be established.
HUZZAH! Look what comes up the first day for Diana. There is nothing more in this game that can help Felicity fill up her aspiration meter! Ewan takes this job too, just in case either of them gets fired. Hopefully the bookcase can still be obtained. At this point in time, I decided to check for a second aspiration for Felicity.
She already had 6 points to spend. Uh-huh. There is NO WAY, I thought, that Felicity could die a sad Sim. hehe! My strategy: Both Knowledge and GCS Sims were extremely easy to keep happy, with little work from me.
Felicity gets busy studying right away, after making GCS for her family and the welcome wagon. She burned them, but luckily was not showing a fear of it. hehe!
STRATEGY: Never let Felicity sleep. Being that Ewan is a Pleasure Sim with a date want, he wants to date. Alot. Before the end of the first day, Ewan had enough aspiration points dating his wife that he had enough points to purchase the Energizer and a thinking cap for Felicity. I start getting excited at this point, knowing that autumn is right around the corner, and Felicity will be able to start earning her own thinking caps. DAY ONE END:
Felicity is a Shoddy Schlub. Let's see how many days it takes to change it. She has zero points toward her lifetime benefit because she spent them all already on getting her second aspiration.
On Tuesday, promotions are all around, closer to the bookcase. Ewan doesn't look happy.
Of course my game would choose this moment to give natural twins...and not in my prosperity hood. Meet twin girls Bliss and Gwyneth. Both of these are supposed to mean 'happiness'. This happened on Friday. Felicity is teetering on the cusp of moving up a bar in her aspiration meeter, purely from skilling. She is nearly skilled out as well.
The birth of the twins was enough to move Felicity's aspiration meter up a bar. Now she is an Amateur Aspirant, 58 days old. :)
Friday brings another promotion for Ewan and Diana. I am not so sure Felicity is going to need the bookcase. She hasn't slept at all, skilling constantly, and is 13 points away from maxing skills for LTW. Look at this though....the description of Ewan's job has a couple of extra words in it than Diana's for the same job. Heh.
On Sunday at 1:14 am, the first day of Winter, Felicity meets her LTW. While it gave a huge boost to her aspiration meter, it was not enough to put her up to the next level. It won't take much, though. Her new LTW..... *drum roll* eat 200 GCS. Haha. Might as well get started, and see if that starts rolling GCS wants. So far she hasn't rolled any, it has all been skilling wants. Turns out she didn't need the educational bookcase. She is 60 years old. At this point, she sleeps to see if she wakes up with different wishes. Nothing GCS is showing. Even while she was skilling she constantly kept 'be saved from death' and 'see a ghost' wishes. Still had them, going to a different lot didn't shake them. So she went to the cemetery Downtown to try to see a ghost. Urg.
It was early in the day when she got there, so she spent her time making friends to help with Diana and Ewan's promotions. She also needed room in her influence meter to amass influence points so she could influence Sims to make GCS, Her wishes didn't shake one iota. Still wanted to see a ghost, and be saved from death. Erm. But Sim karma was not on her side. Four ghosts haunted and scared everyone else, but not her. About 3 AM she headed over to Maple Springs Pool and Spa to drink coffee for energy, and to use the facilites. Keeping in mind, no aging takes place while off the lot. Heh.
Then she headed over to Sue's Kitchen to indulge in her GCS desires which finally began to roll. Serve GCS. Talk about GCS. Make GCS for Sim. Just what I had been waiting on. However, GCS could not be made for the food contest. But Sims would sit down and eat GCS she prepared, fuliflling wishes and giving her aspiration points.Sehe could serve it and eat it. Racked up several points. With NO AGING.... lol At this point I realize that satisfing small wishes for GCS sin't moving her meter much. She only gets 500 aspiration points to eat a sandwich. She needed to fulfill a life shaking event. Hey, let's get married!!!!
This is Blair Gaither. Just so happened to be Mr. Big...and this did move Felicity's meter alot. However I am beginning to think she is not gonna die happy.
Moved the entire family to a bigger house. This did not move her meter. So she decided to adopt a child since she couldn't have any herself.
While waiting for her child to come from the social worker, Felicity took another trip to Sue's Kitchen. She found out that the chef there LOVES to talk about grilled cheese, and can easily be influenced to make it. He never got tired of talking about it!
And so it was. I hit on it. How to make my CAS elder meet a second LTW before she dies. Felicity just decided to spend alot of time at Sue's kitchen, sleeping on the sofa when she needed rest. There were plenty of people there for her to serve sandwiches to, plenty of people to eat her sandwiches, and plenty of people to talk about them. HA!!! When she hit around 75 sandwiches eaten, she rolled get the hobby plaque in Cuisine. So then I thought, how funny it would be for her to win it while at the hobby spot! heh
So Felicity got busy and got some serious sandwich eating done. Good thing she had the GCS perk of bottomless stomach...
She gets her hobby plaque in Cuisine while at Sue's Kitchen, but Chef did not run over to her and give it to her. However, this did provide a wonderful boost to her meter bar.
Aha. Second LTW met, and another boost to her meter bar. Well, when she was close to 200 sandwiches, I began to wonder if meeting a second LTW would move the meter bar. But it did. Now she can go home. I can't tell you how long she was there, but this took me several hours to complete. First time I have ever met GCS at Sue's Kitchen. hehe
Felicity is a Diligent Dynamo. I have a feeling at this point that she will not max out her meter bar before her Grim party. She is 63 days old, an there really isn't that many more life shaking things she can do to add to her meter. She did make lots of friends while there, and needs 6 more to obtain top influence. Perhaps she will try that. The Chef brought Felicity her hobby plaque when she arrived home.
Felicity's granddaughters Bliss and Gwyneth grow up. Oohh. I love the way they look. Must be good genes. hehe
Felicity's adopted son, BJ, arrives. Nice boost on the aspiration meter. She tops out her influence meter by making lots of friends, another boost. hmmm...
Being a Knowledge Sim, she summons the Aliens. A very small boost. She is now 65 days old, and lacking 5 more points, to top out her meter. I don't think she is gonna make it. Grim could come any day.
66 days, is when Grim came for her. This was in the middle of the headmaster visit for the kids. I thought that she might get a boost from that...but she couldn't hang on one more day. Despite her passing, the kids did get into Private School. She lacked 5 points to topping out her aspiration meter. Scoring:

1 point for each aspiration point Felicity earned/was given: 11 That's it. :)

I didn't beat this challenge, it is a good one to keep trying. I don't think I will try again. However, if I were to, I might try to do a little more with hobbies. That seemed to give a good boost. I will be interested to see how other Simmers handle this one.

Kudos Robin, for a great challenge!!!



  1. I have an elder couple I'm trying with now that I'm really thinking I'm going to get it with. I've tried with four previous sims. I've found that getting married, adopting a child, having a grandchild, and maxing a hobby seem to be the biggest boosts. The last one, I was sooo close. She was in that top bubble but never made it all the way to the top. I didn't keep her fully in plat all the time. This couple, I truly have kept in platinum nearly all the time. I had them adopt a child right away, then I sent that child to uni as soon as he could, and I plan to send him home and have a child right away to get a grandchild. I've found that playing a couple of elders is a good strategy because chances are one of them will live longer, at least one extra day. I'll let you know how it goes!

  2. Great job with this challenge Wen! I've been listening to the discussions about it on the group, and was really interested to see it played out by someone, and to see strategies used. Perhaps if I get some time to play Sims sometime I'll give it a whirl.

  3. That was really a great try Wen, I love how she met two LTW's, awesome! It was totally different from my approach- gonna go blog it now...:D